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Case Results

1. Successfully reunited a family by advocating for the return of children to their parents’ custody after thorough investigation and evidence presentation.

2. Obtained a dismissal of a CPS case based on lack of evidence and procedural errors, ensuring the preservation of the family’s rights and reputation.

3. Secured a favorable outcome for a client by negotiating a voluntary agreement with CPS, allowing the children to remain at home under supervision while the parents received necessary support and services.

4. Achieved a reunification order on the first court appearance, enabling the children to return home promptly and minimizing the disruption to their lives and family dynamics.

5. Successfully defended a client against false allegations of abuse or neglect, leading to a complete closure of the CPS investigation and the preservation of the family unit.

6. Assisted a client in obtaining custody of their child after intervention from CPS, ensuring the child’s safety and well-being while preserving the parent-child bond.

7. Advocated for the termination of a false and malicious CPS report, protecting the client’s reputation and preventing further unwarranted investigations.

8. Secured a favorable resolution by negotiating a case plan that allowed the parents to address concerns raised by CPS while keeping the family intact.

9. Successfully appealed a decision by CPS, resulting in the overturning of a removal order and the immediate return of the children to their parents’ care.

10. Obtained a favorable outcome for a client by challenging the validity of the initial CPS investigation, leading to the closure of the case without any adverse consequences for the family.

11. Represented a client in a complex CPS hearing, resulting in a favorable ruling that allowed the children to remain with their parents while receiving necessary support services.

12. Successfully defended a client against allegations of substance abuse, mental health issues, and domestic violence, leading to the dismissal of the CPS case and the preservation of the family’s rights and integrity.

Client Reviews

Lauren Johnson is the most outstanding, exceptional, and accommodating Attorney I have ever had the honor and privilege to encounter. Her empathy, compassion, insight...

Jessica Miller

Elica, Katherine, and Lauren handled my case with grace and kindness. Even though I don’t live in the county and was not physically present for the proceedings, they were...


Lauren and her team have always been informative and confident with the handling of my case. Any concerns I have, they have always been able to address them. I feel taken...


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