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Lauren Johnson is the most outstanding, exceptional, and accommodating Attorney I have ever had the honor and privilege to encounter. Her empathy, compassion, insight, and professionalism are unrivaled. When I found myself in an extremely vulnerable and traumatic situation, Lauren completely put me at ease, alleviating my panic, anxiety and fear. She is gentle, yet fiercely precise and laser sharp. She took an extraordinary amount of time to ask such probing questions, leading to amazing revelations as to the nature of my situation. She is a "Tour de Force" and I know that I am in the most capable hands. My experience with her, and her phenomenal assistant, Ashleigh, has truly been life altering. This is, hands down, the best investment I have ever made. After all... the price of freedom is priceless! I am profoundly grateful, for her, and to her...

Jessica Miller

Elica, Katherine, and Lauren handled my case with grace and kindness. Even though I don’t live in the county and was not physically present for the proceedings, they were able to resolve my case without any issues. I will always be grateful to them for their amazing work and consideration for their clients. Highly recommend!


Lauren and her team have always been informative and confident with the handling of my case. Any concerns I have, they have always been able to address them. I feel taken care of and in good hands.


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